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Sunday, November 12, 2006



 on: Today at 02:09:50 PM 

 BRIAN,  I saw this at
MCYoung/Tx    has posted extremely
important information and i would
appreciate it if you could see your
way clear to post it on your site
to help all people.

Hi, done.


Started by MCYoung/Tx | Last post by MCYoung/Tx
Sunday Oct.29, 2006  Several Recurring Dreams Involving This Thread:
Subject :  Tapestry West Coast #206 at O'Leary

Please pay close attention to Liz's posts in this thread!   
Here's the thread on that dream:
Date: June 16, 2006 at 15:52:52
From: MCYoung/Tx, [DNS_Address]
Subject: Liz! "Laurie #206 With CA Quake Map"

Friday June 16,2006 11:56AM(Central)

Dreamed this one again with not much change other than I was aware of having yet another recurring quake dream and there was someone one with me who said, "Be sure to include what Liz has said about this." So I've reposted the dream with Liz's response directly below it.
Date: December 22, 2004 at 08:00:35
From: MCYoung/Tx,
Subject: "Bus #206 at O'Leary"...Map of California(Liz response below)

December 21st, 3:33pm(central)

Recurring dream of California Map with two rectangular boxes over
the coastal areas of northern and central region. There were two
shaded triangles in same areas as before. There were lines and arcs
on this map along with numbers and degrees.

This time I saw two men wearing white shirts(sleeves rolled up)
standing over this map with what appeared to be some clear plastic
mathmatical instruments. One of the men placed one of these clear
plastic instruments upon the map and said "Definitely the line from
LA to Bakersfield."

The other man had a pointer in his hand and directed it to two areas
on the map saying, "Don't rule out San Diego and the line to

Then a third man entered the room and said, "Laurie wants to know
which bus to catch." One of the men said, "Tell her to get the #206
at O'Leary, she'll need two transfers."

Then I awoke.

This is a recurring dream with some added details.


----------------RESPONSE LIZ------------------
Date: January 01, 2005 at 07:05:55
From: liz_renton_wa,
Subject: Re: "Bus #206 at O'Leary"...Map of California

Sat down and wrote this up today,. was re reading some of the past dream threads that Debb has posted and it got my mind going again, lol. Imagine that. So well post and head fer bed at 4am. Liz

In reference to your dream on the line from L.A. to Bakersfield and the line from San Diego to Barstow.

Thought one:
IF you took those separate lines and made perfect triangles with each one, they overlap. AND which directions would they fall? Possibly along with that thought of also finding the center of the triangles, we can see where the center is there as well as what Mr. Bopp comes up with in the other dream. ALSO think of where the tips of each will fall or point to.

ANOTHER thought would be in talking of the lines:
(A) From Los Angeles to Bakersfield would involve crossing faults:

1) Raymond Fault
2) Santa Susana Fault
3) San Gabriel Fault
4) San Andreas & Garlock Corner ( To me that has always looked like an unfinished triangle itself)
5) Pleito Thrust Fault which runs very near Wheeler Ride Fault and last
6) White Wolf Fault Zone which sits just south of Bakersfield.

(B) From San Diego to Barstow would involve these faults:

1) Rose Canyon Fault
2) Elsnoire
3) San Jacinto {{Which Frank on Jobs site has been watch and reporting stress on}}
4) Banning - South branch of SAFZ
5) San Bernadito - South Branch of SAFZ
6) North Frontal FZ
7) Helendale FZ
8. Lenwood F
9) Gravels Hills Harper/Harper Lake FZ

NOW from this Helendale Fault it "Y's" into South Lockhart Fault then Lockhart itself = thus your dream of unlocking Garlock? Unlock.... Hartlock.... Lockhart. Play on words..?

Laurie wants to know what bus to catch. These two men are watching and waiting for San Andreas to fail. Lower = Laurie. Falling = Failing. These two lines would effect many faults and cities that are in your dreams also. These men are watching these faults these two lines would go through.

206,... could mean also that 2 quakes of 6 mag within these triangles and or along these lines. Which would then still be on or within a triangular area. Back to your dream: From these two points she'll need 2 transfers.

Lower SAFZ well,... Could read. She'll need 2 transfer faults to go before it sets off the SAFZ and unlocks the Garlock which would then be two sides of a triangle. Think Death Valley Fault is another long one. Here's the link to all Cali and NV faults.

Check out Death Valley's link. See Owls Lake Fault may be the Connector there also. But then again Helendale and Lockhart would then make a 3rd side to the triangle.... Garlock, SAFZ and Helendale, Lockhart.

Check out those maps and see what you think. I have to say also that the one vision I had a while back of Palmdale there were 3 red squares across Palmdale and the largest was next to Helendale area. I'll have to dig that one up again.

NOW to another thought about the northern part of Cali in your dream still. You saw 2 rectangles that were along the coast,.. Is that right? With numbers and all. In looking for a map of Cali that I could use like what Mr. Bopp did with the triangles, I ran across something interesting enough. Use this link to see what I'm talking about.

Locate Petrolia:

There is a Russ Fault up above Petrolia which is right next to Seaward edge of Cascadia Subduction Zone,.. hummmm. AND,... and then there is Whale Gulch. Remember your dream of hearing the wolfs and whales singing together? Could the stress of the Cascadia fault put pressure on lower SAFZ? Possibly also with the dream of silent spring this could be another way to look at it. Sorry my mind is churning at 3am not tired one but, lol. Silent spring in that pressure is placed on these northern Cali faults and San Andreas up that far holds and holds and holds then silently shifts it south. springing.? Trying to hook these all in. TAKE and try to save the picture at this link,..

see what it is numbered?
Date: June 17, 2006 at 20:25:13
From: MCYoung/Tx, [DNS_Address]
Subject: Hi Again, Liz! "Laurie #206 With CA Quake Map"

Found Eve's thoughts about this interesting from job's board and wondered what your thoughts are on the transfers? I keep thinking I'm missing something with this one, something important. Anyone else feel free to comment as well. I edited out the dream since it's already posted above so what is below is the discussion.

--------From JOB's Syzygy Dream Board------
Eve Response:
Re: Liz!&All "Laurie.#206 With CA Quake Map"
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2006, 01:29:59 PM »

Where is O'Leary located? ....if Laurie is to catch the bus there....then would it not begin there? Yet Laurie, will be transferred 2 times before done or before "the ride" is over. Transfer is like switching buses I presume. The later is something like Liz said I suppose, but a bit different.

So the transfer two times....that is like starting to move at one place and then stopping and getting off, then getting on another bus...starting to move again...then stopping and getting off that bus and getting on another to move again which will be the final stop or destination where it ends.

1. start....Stop.....
2. start....stop....
3. start....STOP! The End!

so, all in all, 3 starts, 3 stops.

kinda sound like that 3 thing again and bells ringing you heard in the air, this is like 3 bells in the earth or earth's bells ringing.... and also reminds me of the 3 woes.

The bus making switches reminds me more of switching lanes and also this reminds me of the name Laurie as Laura in Greek means maybe in this way the faults are likened to lanes, or lanes run along side these faults.

Also the first bus that gets this thing started is number 206, so whatever that is maybe a a time perhaps. Gonna ponder some more, this is interesting MC.
MCYoung/Tx Response:
Eve....Re: Liz!&All "Laurie.#206 With CA Quake Map"
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2006, 05:25:48 PM »

I really don't know yet other than this repeat dream along with the others that are recurring means a big heads up for not only California but whole west coast. I posted this one specifically because of the mention of being sure to include what Liz had to say. So I edited out all but her response. Had a similar one the other night in which I was told to find Cinde's notes. Don't recall if I posted that one or not. But those were really older ones.

I'm having a lot of those older ones repeating. Not only repeating but it's like watching them in fast forward without the sound. Very odd dream experience.
Eve Response:
Re: Liz!&All "Laurie.#206 With CA Quake Map"
« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2006, 07:28:34 PM »

Sure does sound odd MC....the telling of how these dreams repeat for you....but in silence. That in itself is very intruiging. The time going back to recall, yet playing forward quickly at the same time. wow!
MCYoung/Tx Response:
Eve...Re: Liz!&All "Laurie.#206 With CA Quake Map"
« Reply #4 on: Today at 03:10:26 PM »

Liz was just reminding me over on the other board about the Russ Fault which has the number "206" in the usgs catalogue of CA faults. It's up near Petrolia,CA. it's in the last link she posted.

As for these recurring "silent" movies, I don't know what the heck to think but it's been happening for some while now and last night had them again. Followed by the Big Red Box vision and then a repeat of this one about Liz's info.

There were other recurring ones too that were not quake related. Am thinking about posting them.

We finally had some real rain overnight and supposed to have more this evening, so I won't be on-line too long. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts. I continue to be VERY worried about SoCal.
Eve Response:
Re: Liz!&All "Laurie.#206 With CA Quake Map"
« Reply #5 on: Today at 03:22:28 PM »

thanks MC....I see that now....sort of got all wrapped up in the bus thing...

I would be interested to read the other dreams you are having if you feel led to post them that is. But you know me, I am always up for reading and pondering dreams.
MCYoung/Tx Response:
EVE... Liz!&All "Laurie.#206 With CA Quake Map"
« Reply #6 on: Today at 03:35:01 PM »

Eve! No! You are Right about the bus thing. That's what Liz was saying about the transfers...from one fault to another then from there another transfer! You are dead on about this. The "bus transfer" is symbolic of "fault transfer" and "Laurie" will need two transfers just as you say:

3.Start...Stop...The End!

That is exactly how I thought of it too after reading Liz's comments. The big question is indeed as you say, "Where is O'Leary"? and I would also ask where is "Laurie" because it must be the same as "O'Leary" where she starts. I'm still pondering it.
Date: June 17, 2006 at 02:46:37
From: liz_renton_wa, [DNS_Address]
Subject: Re: Liz! "Laurie #206 With CA Quake Map"

Yes..did you see what I meant by Russ Fault?? Go to the link I've posted and find Russ Fault right click on that link and save as. It's name is Fault 206 html. Kinda spooked me out.
Date: June 17, 2006 at 17:49:50
From: MCYoung/Tx, [DNS_Address]
Subject: Hi, Liz! "Laurie #206 With CA Quake Map"

Yes I did see that and also found it spooky! There's also a Goose Lake Fault in that area that I've dreamed about repeatedly a few years ago. This one though which clearly points to your info is apparently important as I dreamed the same dream again overnight. Along with the huge red box covering all of SoCal. Had some other non-quake related dreams too.

Are you getting anything on these areas of concern in the recurring dream I posted?
Date: June 19, 2006 at 20:05:28
From: liz_renton_wa, [DNS_Address]
Subject: Oleri..

Just in case it doesn't work.

Well Cindies’ notes, if they are the same ones I’m thinking of are older ones pertaining to the Old Woman dream. Possibly were directing you (your dreams) to go that far back & review all that you were shown so far. (Lay the Tapestry out again type of thing) Also with the silent fast forward to me.. I took it to mean that you were being fast forwarded through all that you were already told about. Kinda like fast forwarding a video tape on a movie, to get back where you left off sorta thing.

Nothing else comes to mind after reading my past post, other then the rectangular boxes on the coast lines in north Cali could have represented the off shore faults involved. Numbers could have been quakes mags leading to events further south.

NOW Laurie and O’Leary. Don’t think it is a person have always thought this to be lower SAFZ. And O’leary a place(s) so to speak.. Think O’Leary may be a tacked on name for a group of faults like OWL Linement was for Olympia Walla Walla Linement in Washington. Look at the photo I did up. All would affect the coast areas and is in south California. What was that dream Andreas falling, Laurie’s failing.

Spelling I came up with is Oleri. This includes Oceananic-west Huasna Faultzone// Lions Head// Elsinore//Rose Canyon Fault//Imperial Fault Zone.

Elsinore, Rose and Imperial can cause problems for not only San Diego but for below the Joshua Tree as well. More of my thoughts on this anyways.

Date: June 20, 2006 at 21:35:35
From: MCYoung/Tx, [DNS_Address]
Subject: Liz......Re: Oleri..

In case you haven't seen it over on job's site here is Eve's response to your "OLERI" map:



good going Liz!

there is the 1,2,3!

spells it out!
Date: June 20, 2006 at 13:26:43
From: liz_renton_wa, [DNS_Address]
Subject: Re: Oleri..

Bus = sub backwards, (subduction ?) now if the 206 is to be the Russ fault up north, then the jolt can still be expected from that direction but when the lower (laurie/safz) is affected by something big..(possibly from 206) can crumble. It is already a maze in So Cali, in so far as the faults that are known of.

(Catch the 206 at Oleary) IF again the 206 is the Russ Fault and a large event takes place on or near it alot of enery will be coming down the SAFZ which may hold still. It is just a path/line.

IF this should be all the way it is then it would make sense too that the lines they talk about from San Diego to LA and from LA To Bakersfield (Sorry just posted clicked the wrong button) are not direct lines but Lat lines..? They are watching the coast lines in that area/s makes sense as the faults would be weakened first by anything large.
Date: June 20, 2006 at 21:51:10
From: MCYoung/Tx, [DNS_Address]
Subject: Liz...Re: Oleri..

Yep! I've found some of the older dreams and whatever comes down the CA coastal areas will come from the north either AK or PNW Off-shore and march downward to San Diego and Baja. I'm thinking this "march" has already begun though I'm not certain. The one thing I am very certain of is SoCal is going to rock big time. I just don't know when. I thought it was goning to be last year but clearly it was not although I believe the "failing" began in earnest last year.

I plan to put up some of that older information a little later this night. I did find Cinde's notes and am currently looking at the info from her, BV, and Nemo's discussions in 2003. I believe there is a world-wide pattern occurring now just like they were discussing back then. It seems very similar on a global scale.
Date: June 20, 2006 at 13:16:05
From: liz_renton_wa, [DNS_Address]
Subject: Re: Oleri..

Bus = sub backwards, (subduction ?) now if the 206 is to be the russ fault up north, then the jolt can still be expected from that direction but when the lower (laurie/safz) is affected by something big..(possibly from 206) can crumble. It is already a maze in So Cali, in so far as the faults that are known of.

 IF again the 206 is the Russ Fault and a large event takes place on or near it alot of enery will be coming down the SAFZ which may hold still. It is just a path/line. IF this should be all the way it is then it would make sense too that the lines they talk about from San Diego to LA and from La To Baskersfield
Date: June 19, 2006 at 22:39:19
From: MCYoung/Tx, [DNS_Address]
Subject: Liz! Excellent! Re: Oleri..

Oh wow! That all makes so much sense to me...AND fits yet again with "Looking Horse's" second message that it's time to lay out the tapestry and look at the whole of it. I do have a very agrivating tendency to focus on the details!

Thank you so much! Oh! And I think I found some maps that have not rectangles but a series of square frames that looked a lot like the maps the men were looking at.

Will post some more on this later. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



Good Morning,

 Information that I found online of the New Madrid fault line:



Thanks Sandy, will post this.



 on: Today at 12:48:27  
Started by Frank Condon | Last post by Frank Condon
Hello all:
On Monday, there was detected Strong Fundamental Infrasonic Resonant Harmonic activity at 0.58 Hz (-67.42 dBv).  A recent earthquake epicentered in the Northern East Pacific Rise near Soccoro Island, Mexico appears to be related to the strong Harmonic energy. It's inferred to be coming from the Equatorial Pacific Plate's Stress Center in Polynesia. The near continuous nucleation of stress event taking place along the Pacific-North American Plate Boundary is by far the most anomalous of precursors! This event is seeking an asperity along one of the major faults. When the correct harmonic resonance occurs we'll all know about it before long. You have a very significant short term head start on your preparations to still be taken care of. But, time is definitely running short.



Hey Brian,

 I have been checking the earthquake activity on the USGS website and I have to agree with you that a big one is coming and if you check out the website you will see that we are getting earthquakes in kind of unusual places in the united states and although they are small earthquakes they seem to be coming faster.

I had a dream of an earthquake in the North Texas or South Oklahoma area and it has happened and I had a dream of a fairly large earthquake around the border of Louisiana and Mississippi, in my dream I also heard a voice saying “Brian Knows”  “Brian Saves Thousands”

Can you please RV this and see what you come up with?

And how much longer before we get the 8.2 in California?

Best Regards

Troy Guillory


Hi, have been doing this, not sure when the 8.2 quake is going to happen, I'm actually waiting on a specific dream, when I have it, I will post it ASAP.



Dear Brian,
       I think you might find this odd like I do but there was a very unusuall line of earthquakes today here is the link...   the earthquakes form a perfect line acroos the united states and they are all in the mag 3 range. I find this line of earthquakes very odd and very unusuall. Do you think this is a precurser to the 8.2 in california?
                           Lowell Hagar


Hi, yes I think it is, and I'm having a heck of a time trying to predict this earthquake, but I'm just not sure, and if I do issue an alert, and it does not happen...then the next time I issue an alert, no one will believe me.  Kind of like a cry wolf thing...I don't really care if people think I'm crazy, but if I keep crying earthquake, no one will prepare.  I really wish a real geologist out there somewhere could possibly help with this.  Seems everyone (even the USGS) know a major quake is going to happen very soon, but no one wants to risk predicting when.

Also, many people firmly believe that dogs can predict quakes up to three days in advance, but as far as I know, no official organization has setup a program using this method to predict quakes.  Would not seem very difficult to do, but it needs to be backed by professionals...not just a crazy person posting dreams.  How much would this cost the USGS?  Why not spend a few million dollars doing this, as use animals from shelters, or some of the thousands that are euthanized everyday.  I think this would be a great project for the Governor of California to get started...and now.

Call it

"The USGS and Humane Society working together to save lives..."

Take Care,



Hi Brian,
Thought you might be interested in this:
Partial quote:
"In 1994, an earthquake measuring 6.7 on the Richter scale rocked Northridge, destroying three highway overpasses and left thousands homeless. Malibu and Los Angeles fault lines have quietly murmured, yielding mostly inaudible tremors, barely affecting the upstairs world. However, historical patterns between fault lines have developed the unsettling opinion among experts that Malibu is due for a quake."
Beth A.


Thanks Beth, posted.



You do realize that the San Andreas fault, which runs through S.F., has more seisomographs placed on and around it than any other fault in the world, and that each and every one of these devices is fully capable of detecting the ENORMOUS pressure necessary to generate an 8.2 magnitude earthquake certainly within 12 hours of the earthquake occurring...

And yet despite that, the U.S.G.S. has a website up right now that says there is a 1 in 1 million chance of any earthquake of any size, even miniscule, occurring anywhere in California tomorrow.

I realize that your primary purpose for that site is to attract visitors, hopefully attract some business for your "psychic readings," and maybe even get some people to click on that advertiser banner at the bottom, but I would suggest shooting for predictions that are at least REMOTELY likely of happening.  At least then you have a chance of being right, and some people will be gullible enough to believe that it wasn't just coincidence, and they will come back to you and give you their hard earned money.

And one last note... I noticed you responded to someone named "Kate" and told her that the gravitational pull will be at its strongest tomorrow, implying that it can affect earthquake probability.

The moon has absolutely nothing to do with causing earthquakes.  The movement of the tectonic plates on Earth sometimes causes two of them moving in opposite directions to get jammed up, and the pressure that builds up from this jam are what eventually cause earthquakes when the plates finally "slip," and that movement is not influenced by the moon in any way, shape, or form.


Hi, first I'm not a geologist (and I'm quite certain that everyone know that), second I have been right many times before, third your are reading the USGS site wrong, that is for aftershocks only, forth, this prediction is based on dreams I have had, fifth, I'm not doing this just to get people to visit my site, I'm doing this just in case it does happen...and I realize that if it does not, I will probably lose many of my readers...but to me, its worth it.  Fifth, how can you say the moon has nothing to do with earthquakes...are you certain?  More than likely a 8.2 quake will not happen tomorrow, but if it did, and I did not share my information, not sure how I could live with the guilt.

Thanks for you interest in this, and I do appreciate your comments, despite how my response may sound.



Dear Brian,
You might suggest to the folk who made the last comment on
page 6 of the earthquake section about geologists
that they look at Jim Berkland's site
under forums and read all of the warnings, particularly those
of Frank Condon.
Some of these knowledgeable folks are s****** bricks over the extreme
SCIENTIFIC data that they have been getting and reporting lately.
They are most certainly in your camp.
Thanks much for your continuing assistance.


Thanks Michael, glad to here this and will post the link.



Dear Brian,
        It is a good thing that this earthquake has not happened. But it could still happen soon. 72 from your dream I think is on Monday November 6th. So the earthquake could still happen between now and monday at 1159PM. I still have alot of confidence in your predictions even though many people say your a fruad. And I know that you sometimes get the dates wrong but they come to pass sooner or later. I wish more people would belive you because I still belive you. This gives people more time to prepare for the Devestating 8.2 earthquake.


                                                            Lowell Hagar


Thanks Lowell, it's appreciated.



Dear Brian,
I got your warning and just wanted to say thank you. Although you stated you were wrong, I believe it took a lot of courage on your part to decide to post the news of this magnitude knowing what could happen as a result of "false prediction".  I still believe you have a great gift.  I have a younger brother who lives near San Jose, and even your "false' warning still gave me the chance to get him to prepare and have him be safe than sorry.   So, Thank You.  and I really really hope you will continue to do what you do, and help those of us who are willing to believe in your gifts and abilities.  Btw, I still play the numbers you gave me for the powerball although I haven't won anything yet.  :-)  I'm sure I will someday..  Thanks, Brian


Hi, thanks for the support, and I hope you win soon.



« on: Today at 05:34:29 PM »




She is having such severe pains it is  UNTOLLERABLE  in  her
lower back,  siatiac nerve, both feet,  knees downward....

She has been having this for THREE days now and today is the worst
is has been.  She told me she can't take any more of this PAIN -
it is so  intense.  EQMARY  said  that this  PAIN  is  much more
intense than what she went thru before the  M  9.3  in  the

Mary asked me if it was volcanic or seismic.  I checked her out and
told her i felt it was  Volcanic.  Mary said Yes it definately was she
has no doubts about that.  Then i said to her,  i am picking up
seismic now.   I told her that i have been picking up LASSEN
VOLCANO  lately.  Mary said,  she didn't  doubt me and she definately
believes it is volcanic in nature and seismic in nature what she is picking

I asked her if she wanted me to do something... Mary said yes,
I started checking her out and i SAW  BLUE and WHITE SPARKS





Her son's  surgery  is  tomorrow.


Thanks, posted.



Dear Mr. Brian,
I think this event is the one you've been talking about.  The first one which starts the
whole story.  Opposite end of the San Andoreas Fault Zone also shows the small signals
Please look at the area of the Alasaka on the USGS,  they also show the signs lately.
It's very hard to find the time the earthquakes will start, so we keep watching your site for
any further help.
Keep up your mind.  We're always with you here in Japan.
Sincerely yours,


Thanks Ray, and I will try my best to help.


Version #2: This report supersedes any earlier reports of this event.
This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.

A light earthquake occurred at 7:56:43 AM (PST) on Friday, November 3, 2006.
The magnitude 4.4 event occurred 9 km (5 miles) SW of Ocotillo, CA.
The hypocentral depth is 14 km ( 8 miles).


Magnitude4.4 - local magnitude (ML)
TimeFriday, November 3, 2006 at 7:56:43 AM (PST)
Friday, November 3, 2006 at 15:56:43 (UTC)
Distance fromOcotillo, CA - 9 km (5 miles) SW (214 degrees)
Seeley, CA - 36 km (22 miles) WSW (249 degrees)
Pine Valley, CA - 48 km (30 miles) ESE (111 degrees)
El Centro, CA - 48 km (30 miles) WSW (255 degrees)
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico - 92 km (57 miles) E (80 degrees)
Coordinates32 deg. 40.6 min. N (32.676N), 116 deg. 2.9 min. W (116.048W)
Depth13.7 km (8.5 miles)


Hi Brian,

Don't lose too much sleep about the California 5.2 earthquake prediction not happening.

Not sure you view the U.S. Geological Survey website that depcits earthquake activity around the U.S. and the world

You'll note that California has been experiencing significant seismic activity over the past three weeks - much more than normal and certainly dispersed throughout multiple points around the state

I believe one or two reached 3.0.  Not 5.2, but close, and certainly much activity. 

If people opt to quit visiting your site because the prediction didn't hit 5.2, within 72 hours, that's their problem.  As you aptly put it, if you hadn't sent out the prediction, and a 5.2 had occurred and caused death/destruction, it would have been much worse.

A big earthquake is certainly in the works, and I'm sure your prediction caused some people to keep a closer eye on the activity - may even save some lives.

Keep up the great work!


Hi, thanks and will do.



489 could this be the calm before the storm  it has been a long time  i have seen less the 600 EQS

With love Wilma Jean


Thanks Wilma, and it could be.




 Chat and Information / Let's Talk / Re: Beware November 9th?  on: Today at 03:37:37  
Started by job | Last post by imnangel
Wel  in wahington state and now oregon there have been massive evacuations so I know Dr. Turi's prediction come 24 hours before or after his dates or is the 8-10th included in that time period if it wasn't he did hit this one right on.
p.s.   imnangel  lives in washington


I AM  CONCERNED BECAUSE  Mount Vesuvius  in Italy
has had 52  tremors in the past 24 hours.  I  received
many years ago that it would erupt  on  November 20th.
[  I also noticed in your DD  that it said the same thing. ]
When  Mt.  Vesuvius erupts then expect enormous
earthquake activity on the West Coast immediately
following the eruption.



Hi Sharon, will post this ASAP.  That's the Pompeii volcano right?



Dear Brian,

I live in San Francisco and just wanted to let you know that after the 72
hour warning, me and my girlfriend went up to seattle to my moms for the
weekend. THe quake didnt happen (thank god) but the trip was magic for mine
and hers relationship. we would have never taken the trip without the
warning so you inadvertently made a huge difference for us./ I just thought
I would tell you that some good did come of the warning, we are also much
more prepared than we would have been before for an emergency situation.

THANK YOU, best wishes..                            John


Thanks John, that was very kind of you to say this.



Not sure if this is relevant, but a 4.0 earthquake just hit northern California this morning.
My family is paying attention to your updates, and trying to prepare ourselves as best we can. Hope this helps you.


Hi, yes I think it is, and will try my best to accurately predict this event.



 You posted:" There will be several small earthquakes starting 4 days before the main event.  The first will be a 3.9, when this happens, there will be 4 days until the event.  Two days prior to the main quake, a 4.1 earthquake will be recorded.   "
Is this the 3.9 you posted on leading up to the 4.1??? I can't help but to wonder...If so I suspect the 4.1 will tell in 4 days.


Hi, thanks, will post this information, and at this time I just don't know.


2006.11.09 - 08:38:133.9North-AmericaUSACaliforniaWillits

Magnitude 3.9 - USA, North-America

2006 November 09 08:38:13 UTC

Earthquake Report

Glide CodeEQ-20061109-30200-USA
Magnitude 3.9  (Minor)
Date-Time [UTC]
  • 09, November 09, 2006 at 08:38:13 UTC
  • LocationS 170° 31.980, E 98° 13.020
    Depth5.1 km (3.17 miles)
    Distances8 km (4.97 miles) SE of Willits, California
    Affected people0 persons
    Generated TsunamiNot or no data!
    DamageNot or not data!
    Is this the 3.9 you posted on leading up to the 4.1??? I can't help but to wonder...If so I suspect the 4.1 will tell in 4 days.


    Good Morning I received this email this morning thought it might interest
    Susie Quinn

    >Third SE Portland quake poses puzzle for experts
    > - Portland,OR,USA
    >... Scientists are especially puzzled as to why the relatively weak
    >earthquakes produced shaking 30 miles away. ...
    >Earthquakes are not uncommon in the Portland area. ...


    Hi Susie,

    Yes, and thanks.



    L.A. Officials Prepare for Simultaneous Disasters

    November 9, 2006

    LOS ANGELES County officials Thursday practiced their response to a simulated earthquake and terrorist attack in Los Angeles County during “Operation Doubleheader.”

    The Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management organized the 12-hour exercise to determine what information and help the public would need if a natural disaster and terrorist attack struck on the same day.

    "Los Angeles County is actively prepared to save lives and protect property in the event of a catastrophe," Supervisor Mike Antonovich said. "Our 38 county departments will test their readiness to respond to these two events while minimizing damage and shortening recovery time."

    In the scenario played out at the county's Emergency Operations Center east of downtown Los Angeles, a magnitude-6.5 earthquake occurs on the Verdugo fault with an epicenter near Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, followed by a series of explosions over a two-hour period that impact critical facilities in Los Angeles County.

    The exercise gives public health officials hands-on practice in determining how to prevent the spread of disease, and the best ways to get people safe drinking water and essential medications.

    "Just be ready, be prepared, so you have communication plans for your family," said Dr. Jonathan Fielding, the county's public health director.

    "We know we have natural disasters, we recently had wildfires and we will have big earthquakes, so this not just pie in the sky. This is really practice for things we know we are going to have problems with from time to time."

    The Office of Emergency Management has conducted 11 workshops this year to train emergency management personnel.

    "What's important here is that we are challenging ourselves to find better answers to what we do," said Sheriff Lee Baca. "We'll find out where the gaps are, know what weaknesses we may have before there's a reality -- correct them beforehand."

    For more information on disaster preparedness, log onto or

    Hi, thanks, and glad they are preparing.


    Brian, you prediction about the 8.2 earthquake in the SF, CA area
    actually came true. Nancy Poloski (democrat from SF) along with the
    Democrats took control over the House of Reps.. Millions of
    disenfranchised Americans have now returned to our political system. The
    consequences of this election will shake the planet. Thanks. JC Hunter


    Hi, did not think of it that way :)




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