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Says "wild US/Canada weed stalk, weight loss is all in the mind, use the root and stalk, boil for 1 hour"...there is a wild weed that grows in the USA and Canada, that when boiled and drank as a tea will end obesity by affected the area of the brain where the arrows above point.

Brian: weed stalk  was one of Edgar Cayce dreams 2764-1 and 4351-1 Was used for advanced case of mouth and throat  cancer. Jimson-weed tea. Used as pack or stupes along the upper portion of the spine from the base of the brain to the 4th or 5th dorsal that is from the base of the brain to an area just below the shoulder blades. Jimson weedis poison every part of the plant. I would give more details on the plant but the drug problems this country has! dumbness is bliss. I am not saying some people do not know about this plant. we need not to advertise it. The Second case is for respiratory difficulty.  This may not be the plant in your dream .  Brian  I am working on another one of your dreams got some bits a peaces I Need to put them all togather yet.take care. I love your site.    Wilma


Hi, thanks Wilma :)

Will also post this.



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