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:: Brian's Dreams :: Brian is not a psychic, he is a dream researcher with a proven track record of analyzing his own dreams, that always seem to come always true in time. Brian uses his talents and the help of others to help locate missing persons worldwide with great success.

Brians Dreams

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If your able to help provide proof or information on this specific drawing, please click here to send me an email. You will receive full credit for your find, to include reward monies.  Please include the exact date of the dream and the DD number.  And again, thank you for your time, its very much appreciated.

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"r241Z SETI message only, 151926 074320 3/12/9, ??, reply - Bo ?, Drakes Star is Real -- point 1126, 5.27.30, 6 6 6 ??  Prak, ???, 1420 MHZ, ?, G2V, worm hole" memory of this, but I'm almost certain I have had this dream before.


Brian I know you are very good with numbers, I remember that dream last November about the school shooting killing 33, the number you had on the bottom turned out to be the phone number of VA Tech dorm when the shooting happened!!

Anyway, I think this might be related.  The numbers you have written seem to be the location of planet.

All the best


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